free curve friday: left hand blues

click here to download your free "left hand blues" photoshop colour curve.

please link me with some photos you have edited with my curves! i would absolutely love to see :) x

free curve friday: blue yellow field

click here to download your free "blue yellow field" photoshop colour curve.


free curve friday: window warmth

click here to download your free "window warmth" photoshop colour curve.

this curve works wonderfully on back-lit photos.

thank you so much for the massive amount of positive feedback on my curves giveaway! just to answer some questions i've been getting, this is a new section of my blog that i am planning on updating regularly. i have lots and lots of curves and actions stored away that i want to set free into the world.


free curve friday: august march

click here to download your free "august march" photoshop curve.

warms up cold pictures, works best in shadows.


free curve friday: ambers

click here to download your free "ambers" photoshop curve.

works well on back-lit images with sunlight. adds warmth and wonderful amber tones to your photographs.

free curve friday: good luck charm

click here to download your free "good luck charm" photoshop curve.

a curve that works well on all sorts of images. my favourite results on back-lit photos taken on a sunny day.

free curve friday: twin lungs

click here to download your free "twin lungs" photoshop curve.

twin lungs is a curve with subtle blue tones for photos in shadow or specifically taken in forests.

i always edit my photos using camera raw, with presets that i have made and saved over the years. in between all that though i have always played around using colour curves in photoshop to edit my pictures i just never posted them up because it wouldn't match the rest of my portfolio or my style.

anyway, im thinking of starting up a new section in my blog where i release all these colour curves that have started building up in my archive but rarely get used by me - so what better way to make the most of them than to give them to you guys for free?

the reason why i only want to send them by email and not just give you all a link to download straight away is so i can keep track of how many people want my curves. if requests start averaging out after a while i will make it simple and easy for you to download straight from my blog later on.

as always, would love to hear your thoughts and if you ask for my curves i would also love to see what you create with them!