free curve friday: old postcards

this week's free curve friday has two curves for you to make "old postcards"!

click here to download your free "old postcards i" photoshop curve.

click here to download "old postcards ii".

next week my curves tutorial will hopefully be finished for free curve friday :) if not, i will be releasing some black and white actions!

enjoy x


free curve friday: kiss kiss

free curve friday is back! click here to download your free photoshop curve "kiss kiss".

how to install your photoshop curves.

show me the results on your photos if you use my curves! i'd really love to see how they work on other people's pictures :) also, im currently working on a vintage curve and a black and white action, is there any other effects you would like? let me know!



how to install photoshop curves & actions

i've been getting a lot of lovely feedback for my photoshop curves i've been giving away, which im so glad about! free curve friday will start back up again as of tomorrow, i can't wait to show you all the curves i've been growing in the soil with sun hehe.

i've also been getting a lot of emails about how to use them or install them, so i thought i'd write up a quick blog post on how you can install the photoshop curves you download off me. hopefully this helps and solves a lot of people's problems!


- copy the action you downloaded
- paste it here:

~/library/application support/adobe/adobe photoshop/presets/curves


- copy the action you downloaded
- paste it here:

c:/program files/adobe/adobe photoshop/presets/curves