the world is not enough

a galaxy of stars down your neck. the back
of a lover.

a sharp breath stabs the back of your throat,
dark night, empty road.

sometimes the world is not enough for your
theories and questions of where the air sleeps
when its the night's turn to run around.


  1. i really like the way your photos are magic in their simplicity.

    i love your blog because it's like a portal to something better. i can't explain. and i like the way i can't explain things, but you know how to do it and i've read your stories on deviantart and i saw how many people loved the way you expressed in words what they all felt. we.. humans, have emotions in common (:

    and i think i liked the last title of your blog better because i really feel like i'm dissapearing.

    i have an exam tomorrow and i wrote your 'reminders i carry in my hand' story on a sheet of paper and glued it on the wall to see it every day. and instead of studying i go through your pictures to calm me down (:

    i'll remember ... "we are never really alone."

    i wish i had something better to say, but i don't. i'll stop here. (:

  2. "a sharp breath stabs the back of your throat"


    far from unnoticed.