you want to chase

chase the sun, lose
your way.

find yourself in a sinking boat instead. the
way your mother tells you to brush your
teeth before you sleep reminds you of the
way your cat curls up and lays on the

windowsill all day long. giving up has nothing
to do with letting go. it is living with a lion or
turning into the shore of the ocean and someone

is draining it out all day long. fill a cup with
salt water, tip out a dirty window and throw
your eyelashes away.


  1. i love your works with your new camera! it's still your style but the quality is just amazing <3

  2. moments aren't simply happenstance
    but by chance
    if they happen
    at first glance
    you should grab them
    ...and hold them forever
    -carlton mackey

    (a photographer and poet from atlanta, georgia who loves your work)

  3. Delicate and evocative. Beautiful image.