the rocking horse

this is carly zinga, she is fifteen years old. she is an amazingly talented dancer, i have some movement shots that i still need to sort through, and i'll upload some of those later on as well.

for now, these are inbetweens, the type of photos that i loved to take from the beginning, but somehow lost along the way. i need to relearn how to take rushing photos of people, the way i take photos of the landscape running backwards when im riding in a car. i like that sort of feel to things, imperfect.

these photos have that though, and i love them :) hope you do too!



  1. I really love these!! she is so lovely, and her hair is amazing!! I love all of the motion and life in them :)

  2. Really amazing! The last one looks so free.

  3. these are so amazing julia. (as always)

    i love taking pictures like that too, without a purpose just shooting and not thinking. <3 that's what i hope my pictures to be. never planned.

    and her hair is so amazing, what i would give to have hair that dances in the wind like that *omg*

  4. Hey Julia.
    It's me Carly Zinga!
    The pics look amazing.... Thankyou so much for he great experience. Can't wait to see more!!!
    Carly Xx

  5. amazing picture,
    what a beautiful girl!