between two lungs

i don't know what sparked it, but today i decided to go back and create some pictures in style of my older
work. this is what i got! here are the steps i took to create it:

this is the original image, stock from

so first i cropped the photo. i kind of liked the little town on the right hand side of the image and clouds
on the left, so to not lose that in the cropping, i selected each side of the picture individually and
transformed it. then with layer masks i just painted the edges back so they would blend. it is subtle, but i
still think it makes a difference.

with curves i continued adjusting the colours of the image until i was happy. the sun looked pretty low in
the image, but everything still had middle of the day lighting, so i thought it would look more dramatic if
i added warmness.

last but not least i added my famous birds (my own image), and moved the birds around so it looked like
 they were sweeping into the tree. i did the left had side first, then copied the layer and flipped it. with
layer masks i got rid of a few birds here and there on either side as well so it wouldn't look too identical.


  1. Well, well that's your theme, older work it imparts some kind of nostalgia and you R actually doing something creative well done Amanda!!! stay in this line, birds clouds you make magic happen.

  2. wow! what you do is amazing!magical..
    what program do you use..? :)

  3. thank you :) i use photoshop cs5

  4. This is wonderful, thanks for sharing!