humming birds

im listening to the almost famous & the boat that rocked soundtracks and they are amazing.


  1. i've been keeping my mouth shut for quite a while now. but i just can't do it anymore. i have to say this.


    said. i've been following you both for years, and i know that you follow her as well. and now, everything you write, the way you write, your photos, the way you take them, everything, even your god damn formspring and twitter, seems to be a rip-off by nirrimi. or an attempt to copy her and her style. inspiration is one thing, but this is just too much.

    STOP COPYING NIRRIMI! it's so obvious. wonder if anyone else had noticed this too?

  2. i really really disagree! i've followed you (and nirimi for the matter) since you both were in deviantart long long time ago and you have always been writing the way you do now and taking pictures like these from your very early days on blogger. i really really dont see the similarity in the pictures. i'm sure like a lot of other people, you are inspired by her too because she is such a special talent and i personally am very much influenced by her to the point that i have to stop and think twice when i take a picture because i realise i had subconsciously been imitating her in a way but thats just another story... point is julia, i dont think you are copying her. its just an opinion and thats what i think anyway

    i hope you know this yourself too and dont stop being you.

    good day :)

  3. Yes but no matter how hard people try, no one will EVER be as amazing as nirrimi hakanson. Your photos are really pretty, and i don't think there that much of a rip off, only the way you write like her