i love live music :)

above: sailmaker (support band)

i finally got to do a shoot for fasterlouder last night! it was at the annandale hotel again (i love that place) and the lighting was so amazing i had to go and thank the guy afterwards. i think photographers - me included - usually complain when there is bad lighting at a gig (when its all red and bleh) so i think when the lighting is spectacular like last night, someone should let the lights guy know :) haha.

so anyway, the gig was for epicure, and i think it was their farewell show. they have been playing for more than ten years now, and had a nice crowd going who got really into their set. and with good reason too - they played some pretty epic songs, i even got goosebumps on their second last one.

some personal shoots are coming soon as well, i've been planning some things with some models, one of who i worked with before. but for the time being i will be shooting a lot of live shows!



chase the sun

on friday night, i went to the annandale hotel in the city with dan to watch chase the sun live. claude hay was the first support artist, and he is an amazing one man band. if you close your eyes, it really seems as if there is an entire band up on stage playing all these instruments - so you should check out his myspace and be blown away :). the second support band that played are in the first two pictures, their name is jarrah thompson and they came all the way from melbourne. the last support band was called monkey boy which consisted of a guitarist/singer and a drummer - who was actually close enough for me to take pictures of and i didn't get any good ones haha.

then last but not least, chase the sun came on for their album launch 'rednecks & gentlemen' and were pretty damn awesome. here are some of the photos i took of them:

this is guy is an amazing bassist! that's all i can say.

and so concludes the night. i took a lot of photos, but there are only a few that i was really really happy with. i prefer taking pictures of live music when there are light leaks and backlighting and all sorts of crazy things going on, so the pictures that i didn't like from that night just had washed-through lighting and looked kind of flat and boring.

oh and i also finally filmed a live gig like i always told myself i would do. i'll put it together soon and post it up on my youtube account.

i really miss taking pictures by the way, hopefully i'll have something new for you guys (and myself) soon!

peter pan doesn't grow up

"i want always to be a boy, and have fun.
you say so, but i think it is your biggest pretend."

model: jessica dee
mua: kelly