spinning spinning

midnight horizon

for two days i hanged out with midnight horizon and took pictures of them rehearsing. the first picture is where dan and me stayed up till about two in the morning putting up the garage wall and making a stop motion (which you will see soon) for the money film trailer. the rest of the pictures are snaps from the day; them rehearsing, max and me taking pictures of each other, guitars and couches.

you can have a listen to their stuff here if you like: www.myspace.com/midnighthorizonmusic they're a punk rock band. and alsoooo follow their blog! www.midnighthorizonmusic.com - they'll probably be posting up a lot more of the pictures i took that day + random videos we filmed on my 5d.

MH are: conor smith, matt thornton & dan podbierezki

enjoy! xo


black friday

model & hair: lexi
mua: jynn

this shoot was amaaaazing! i have so so many more photos to show you all, and will soon. it feels like i've been attached to my camera for the past three days and took about 2000 photos since thursday.

i also have a little video clip trailer that im working on that will be posted up once its finished and some acoustic recordings of my boyfriend's band, midnight horizon.

all to come soon though! i have lots of work ahead of me this week.


the laundry room

this is lexi. photos taken in my laundry room, as you can see. the lighting in there is friggen amazing and i need to work out why.

make up artist is jynn.