i got some 35mm film developed and every time i look at the pictures it makes me so so happy. i don't
know, there is just something about film that can never ever be recreated with digital.

some more posts to come soon! this is from one of the midnight horizon rehearsals in the studio, a few
months ago now i think. dan scanned them in for me :)

graffiti and noise

model: lexi

this is from a shoot we had a while ago. i feel like playing around with textures and things lately, and i 
really like how this turned out. here are the steps i took:

so i grabbed the original image, and i wanted it to be a square crop but there wasn't enough wall around 
for the composition i wanted. so i went ahead and stretched the wall, paintings bits in and using the 
healing brush and stamp tool like crazy.

then i edited the colours using my curves actions. i made it look really washed out in colours, but punchy
in the tones. to get the final picture, i layered a few long shutter photos i took while dan was driving 
around. because of the red/purple hue to those night shots and the layer style i had them on, they really 
enhanced the colours of the image awesomly! overall i adjusted the curves a little more - darkened just 
the blacks and made the whole image lighter to match the graffiti lights.

was thinking of making a series out of this? but if i do, i want to make them all quite different looking to
each other. the same thing again and again just like this would probably be boring..

anyway - prepare for a few more blog posts tonight! im home doing nothing.




i've been listening to the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind soundtrack on repeat and one of the songs
backwards and i feel very inspired. today i thought i'd layer some images like i used to do a few years
ago. i keep thinking that i can't go back to this style because it seems childish, but today it doesn't
bother me at all.

there will be a few more blog posts soon, including a post with film photos. and today i will be taking 
photos of people when they don't know it. spontaneous photos are magic.