thistles & thorns

 model: tahlia


mh rehearsal @ l.a. studios

one night i went to watch and photograph midnight horizon at their rehearsal studio. you can find links to
 their music here: www.midnighthorizonmusic.com

im hoping we'll be working on a video clip soon to one of their awesome new songs *hint hint* :) also 
on their blog are more photos dan & matt took on film that i don't think i posted here.


thirsty merc @ metro

last friday night i shot thirsty merc at the metro. it was the first time i got an actual physical photographer's
pass woot! there were two support bands, lucy hall, who sounded a lot like florence and the machine
with a pretty voice and ukulele and the white bats, who are in the first five photos of this post. he rest of 
the pictures are of thirsty merc! the photographer's pit for this show was amazingly spacious, there were
only about five of us taking pictures;
two of whom sat down, so there were really only three of us running back and forth. so, five people
compared to the about ten at the last show i shot, which was midnight juggernauts, really makes me happy haha.

this is the first of about a million and one blog posts to come this week!