mary sleeping under the summer sun

this is just a little sneak peek on a shoot i did today with the wonderful mary, at brighton-le-sands beach in sydney and a quick blog post to let you all know i am more or less still alive and working very hard on lots of things that i will be able to show you very soon. more of these photos to come soon!



  1. These are gorgeous! Who is this model? I must work with her!

  2. i just stumbled upon your blog right now and i shot just up the road from brighton at ramsgate on friday!
    lovely blog and i am so happy i found it! :)

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  4. oh goodness, can't believe i haven't replied to all the comments on this post yet! thank you all so much again & again.

    anon. the model's name is mary thompson and she is gorgeous and lovely to work with!

    christina, do you have these photos posted up anywhere? i would love to see.