road tripping again to nowhere and back

my sister holding my old pentax camera

strangers just outside the cave entrance


today, a random wednesday, the day after the long weekend when everyone is supposed to go back to work, we drove to the wombeyan caves where there is no reception and nothing but grass and roads as far as you can see. we left early morning, i was (and still am) sick and dreary, my head nothing but a daze of clouds.

the road after the highway to the caves was a little rickety one - nothing but rocks and the edge of the mountain. we couldn't see around bends and every car driving past made it feel like we going to be pushed down into the trees and nothingness below.

this week has been one of those weeks when i wake up and just want to take pictures of everything. i miss it so much, taking photos for the fun of it - just to document life so i never forget. today has been a breath of fresh air (even though i am finding it hard to breathe with this cold i seem to have woken up with), i think i needed to get far away from the world, life, city, everything.. im feeling so inspired right now. exhausted and inspired.


  1. These kinds of photos are my favourites of yours. Just pictures of the things you see; they resonate.

  2. I really like these. Think I'm in need of a little trip like that.

  3. Ahhh...I feel you in this Julia! Don't we all; I'm going to the Bahamas in a few weeks and I've never been so excited to go back home! You're going to see a major shift within my photography.

    I can't wait to do what I have to do over there!

    Look, I'm glad you're inspired right now but don't go on over drive love..or go there like I did and you'll see why I'm saying don't go on overdrive.

    Again great photos! I love the til and shift looking house there - Impressive!

    Feel better soon! Muah!


  4. These are great! Feel better :)

  5. These are so beautiful. The colors are awe-inspiring.

  6. I love the pictures, and I'd love to see more of your day-to-day photography! The new design on your website is great by the way, keep the good stuff coming!

  7. Beautiful photography. Captured the moments so perfectly x

  8. oh wow thank you! to be honest, i was a little scared to post these photos up.. i wasn't sure whether you were all tired of them already or not! i guess not :)

    veronica, you should definitely go on a little trip, makes you feel sooo much better.

    mary & thera, i will for sure be taking some more "daily" photos when i go on trips and such, i have holidays very soon so i can't wait for that :) i want to go everywhere! and glad you like the new blog design! it feels so refreshing to go on my page now, the writing before was too old and boring!

    dwayne, that's so amazing that you get to travel so much! you're so lucky. i can't wait to see what you're going to be photographing, its always a pleasure to see a new blog post from you. i also completely understand what you mean to not go on overdrive, which i think is what i did in the past couple of weeks already and i just kind of went over the edge. i was way too busy - at the studio during the day, shooting bands after work, shooting lookbook, editorials & weddings on the weekend and then retouching anywhere i could in between! i think that's why im sick now really haha i was too stressed.

    but yes, overdrive shan't happen again. even though it feels like you're getting so much done, in the end run its really less.

    and glad you noticed the tilt shift! im quite a fan of tilt shift, i thought i would sneakily add it in there among the rest... hehe

  9. Oh gosh, the bokeh photo at the end <3
    Sounds like a great day. I understand your fatigue...I can never seem to get enough sleep the night before traveling. I always suffer through the overdrive, but it is worth the adventure in the end. I just need a solid day to recuperate afterward! ha.


  10. Wow, such gorgeous pictures. Think to live in such a fantastic place... And hae a car to my disposal to go on random roadtrips.

  11. thank you rapt and a! a, if i didn't have a car (like a few years ago when i couldn't even drive), i would ride my bike to everywhere and take a bus and a train without much of a plan and see where it takes me, you can have random road trips no matter what :)

  12. These are amazing. Well done.