against me at the metro

last night i had the pleasure to shoot against me playing a gig at the metro in sydney, australia for the au review. they were absolutely amazing.. and to my surprise i was the only photographer! i have no idea why, but i felt pretty special haha. after my three songs i quickly ran and left my camera bag in the cloakroom and joined dan and matt at the front of the mosh pit right in front of tom gabel for the rest of the gig. seriously one of the best shows i've been to in a lonnnnngg time!! i was so happy i was able to document the whole night.

this is the first support band that played, grand fatal:

off with their heads were next:

and against me with a killer set (possibly literally with the amount of people flying around the venue towards the end of the gig):

all my muscles are aching but i can't wait to see and shoot them again.



  1. you're so lucky! I love their music :))

  2. Beautiful photos! It must be amazing evening!

  3. So enamoured by your amazing photography. Sounds like a great night. Definetley following. Hope you have the time to visit the St.Udio, and maybe follow back?


  4. Haaawww I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Against Me!