free curve friday: old postcards

this week's free curve friday has two curves for you to make "old postcards"!

click here to download your free "old postcards i" photoshop curve.

click here to download "old postcards ii".

next week my curves tutorial will hopefully be finished for free curve friday :) if not, i will be releasing some black and white actions!

enjoy x


  1. beautiful! i am so excited to try them.

  2. i really like your curves (:

  3. Thank you dearly for being ever so kind and share your knowledge, it is so precious. I adore your curves & actions - you truly are a talented soul -, especially the B&W ones. I was wondering if you had/created one with more dreamy, soft and whimsical colours: perhaps like the photographs on this etsy shop ( Pastels, and so on..
    I am not particularly gifted on Photoshop, so I am having a bit of trouble trying to make things work. I'd be eternally grateful if you could help me, since documenting my youth is something I love to do, but never am able to achieve that particular light mood I most ardently long for. I am not comissioned in any way, just a love for photography and life in general I would like to hang on my walls.

    Take care & much love, always,

  4. I agree with Rose so much. Thank you so much for your curves, they are absolutely amazing and have enhanced my pictures when I am stuck and don't feel like creating my own presets. They are so beautiful! and inspiring.
    Thanks so much dear! And black and white actions would be amazing.

  5. YEEEEEES! Black and WHIIITE <3

  6. I am a recent follower -- I love your images! Do your "curves" work with iPhoto or Aperture, or only with Photoshop?


  7. Hello, Julia, and thank you so much for sharing your curves & actions! They are to die for, and so are you!

    I do have a doubt, though. How can I load your B&W action? I really don't know how to. Perhaps you could write a brief explanantion one of these days? I'd be so grateful!

    Lots of Love,

  8. rose, thank you for the idea, i will definitely work on making some pastel coloured curves - for now, the closest curve i can think of that will do that is "twin lungs", which is actually my favourite out of all of them!

    the foolish aesthete, they only work with photoshop!

    eliza, in the comments of the black and white action post, there are instructions on how to find the actions tab in photoshop to download them. go to window>actions. you should be able to load them from there. if not, go to photoshop in finder/explorer and find presets>actions and copy and paste it there. then restart photoshop and it should work!

  9. julia im desparate!
    i downloaded the curves, but it says i cannot open them becuse this is notthe right program!
    i ve got Photoshop Cs5 btw
    please help me!:(