sydney shootout!

and some behind the scenes photos from the day:

when i saw rosie hardy put together her shootout day, i thought it was an amazing idea and was inspired to do the same thing - sydney version! 10 of us met up at sydney college of the arts one saturday morning and shot through the day. i had a great time, and it was lovely to meet so many new faces that are as much in love with taking pictures as i am, it doesn't make me feel guilty talking all photo mumbo-jumbo! since this shootout was successful, i am definitely going to plan another one! maybe the next one we can shoot at the beach and learn how to work with harsh lighting conditions.. it's all plans in my head for the time being!

the model is the beautiful ayesha jaye, who totally kept her cool posing in front of ten different camera lenses!

suzi rose very kindly let us borrow her clothes for the day & ally cussell was on makeup.

here are a few links to everyone else's photos from the day, i will hopefully be adding everyone to the list as they post their photos!

luke m
secretstare photography
lauren stella photography
maraia photography
chantelle k
rebecca brooke



  1. Such magical captures. Simply beautiful and stunning. x

  2. Great stuff Julia, looks like you all had a wonderful day!

    Interesting to see how the photos vary from photographer to photographer. Highlights how different everyone's styles can be. :)

    I wish I could have tagged along hehe.

  3. So exciting to see your photos, they look great as always and thanks again for organising it, it was so great to meet everyone :)

  4. really interesting Julia . Well done :)

  5. i just browsed through a selection of your posts - your photography is brilliant, love, love, love your eye for detail and emotion! this shoot in particular is excellent, the styling is so tasteful i love all the different textures.

    great work!

    x Lauren

  6. Adore all the movement that is brought to pictures by the wind!

  7. These are stunning, she is so gorgeous! Good on you for putting together something so cool!

  8. thank you so much everyone! louise, again the pleasure is all mine, it was really great to finally meet you all and hang out in our favourite environment of shooting!

    can't wait to put together the next one!

  9. Absolutely stunning photos. My favourites are from the behind-the-scenes.

  10. This is so groovy, i love the idea.

    the pictures turned out brilliantly
    love your blog so!

    sending you happy spells
    hope to hear from you..x

  11. you guys are really amazing. i wanna be like you :))))

  12. OMG these images are intense, so breathtaking! <3


  13. lovely pictures
    Love your blog I will be visiting more often.
    If you have time I hope you can visit my new blog.

  14. I don't like her outfit, but I do like the way she poses. I also like the way you took the photos with the hat. Very natural.

    I was wondering, do you still make some of those curves for us to download? I really like them!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous, I love everything about it including her outfit.

    / Avy

  16. It turned out a great photo shooot. Who's the makeup artist? I love it!

  17. photos are great. very professional. it is you're on them? invite

  18. aw these are beautiful!
    i finally got around to posting mine

  19. Wow, beautiful photos!! Love it! :)

  20. aw i knew two of the girls on this shoot! it would have been so nice, a little photography community!

  21. beautiful! the models are always stunning, and your black and whites are my favourite

  22. Oh my! just found your blog by chance. must say you are awesome talented and inspiring! would be a dream to work as a fashion photographer, and one day I'll probably do it! Will start to follow your blog immediately!

    By the way, what do you use for camera and lenses?

    / Hugs from Sweden

  23. Ohh... i love your pictures!! They are soo great <3
    look at my blog too :)

  24. WOW looked fun to shoot in sydney (I think) !!!! I'm really loving, the outfit, and the pictures, they are absolutly georgous!!!
    xxx :)

  25. Beautiful pictures!
    But when do you uplaod your free friday curves?? :( you havent uploaded any since three weeks! :(

  26. wauw! amazing pics!
    hugs Laura (-:

  27. Stunning photos! I think you did a great job organising the photo shoot.

  28. SHIIIT youre sooooooooooooooooo tallented !

  29. the ones with her and the cross are beautiful julia!!! <3 it sure looks like the shootout was lotsa fun!

  30. I love your photos!I had so much working on this,everyone is so talented.What is so great about your work is that no matter who you are shooting,while bringing out style & fashion pictures you also allow the model to herself out which is unlike so many photographers!