road tripping again to nowhere and back

my sister holding my old pentax camera

strangers just outside the cave entrance


today, a random wednesday, the day after the long weekend when everyone is supposed to go back to work, we drove to the wombeyan caves where there is no reception and nothing but grass and roads as far as you can see. we left early morning, i was (and still am) sick and dreary, my head nothing but a daze of clouds.

the road after the highway to the caves was a little rickety one - nothing but rocks and the edge of the mountain. we couldn't see around bends and every car driving past made it feel like we going to be pushed down into the trees and nothingness below.

this week has been one of those weeks when i wake up and just want to take pictures of everything. i miss it so much, taking photos for the fun of it - just to document life so i never forget. today has been a breath of fresh air (even though i am finding it hard to breathe with this cold i seem to have woken up with), i think i needed to get far away from the world, life, city, everything.. im feeling so inspired right now. exhausted and inspired.


desert rose campaign

designer: suzi rose @
models: teigan, kellie & lillian
makeup artist: lidija j

a couple of weeks ago i got to shoot for the very talented australian designer suzi rose. we shot her amazing new collection under burning sun & at the very tiring but oh so beautiful cronulla sand dunes.

shooting in raw or jpeg

Firstly, when it comes to working in RAW or JPEG there is no wrong or right way to shoot, it is all up to you and the way you work. A few people have asked me why I shoot in RAW lately though, or what the difference is or if its just the same, so I thought I'd write up a short & sweet blog post telling you what I know.

Below is my test image. It is an overexposed photo of a cloudy sky shot in RAW. I then made a second copy, converting it to JPEG so I can edit both files exactly the same and see what happens.

I selected both the RAW and JPEG file and pulled down the exposure the exact same amount and that is all:




After seeing the results, you can see there is a massive difference between RAW and JPEG, but whether or not you like to be able to fix images to this extent is up to you. Here is a very quick and simple overview of the two file types:

RAW images are larger files, but they contain a lot more information. This means, if you accidentally over or under expose a photo, there is more of a chance that you can correct it and save the photo. For example, if I had shot the above photo in JPEG, when I pull down the exposure to try and fix the image, all the information in the middle of the picture would be lost (all the white left in the middle of the photo).

The downside to shooting RAW is almost the same as the upside - the file size. You can shoot less photos while on a shoot unless you invest in a few more memory cards. It also takes up lots of storage space on your computer and external harddrives, and even more if you backup all your files.

JPEG files are a lot smaller, however contain a lot less information. As you can see in the image example above, I tried pulling down the expose to fix the image, but the JPEG file could not find the information it needed to do this. 

While you can take countless photos in JPEG on a shoot, the downside is if you take a few amazing photos and they happen to be over or under exposed, there is a lot less a chance that you will be able to save them.

So there is my little two cents on shooting RAW and JPEG. I always shoot in raw because I just like the comfort in knowing that I can have the most possible control over my images, and that if I do happen to take an amazing photo and it is slightly overexposed, I can bring down the settings and it won't have any JPEG compression damage.

I hope I haven't confused anyone too much! If anyone has any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.


this morning

model: caitlin
makeup aritst: lidija

*sneak peek from this morning*

night owl

this is the beautiful jess blain again with her crazy colourful tights & night owl eyes. we shot this on the rooftop parking somewhere in the city.

model: jessica b
makeup artist: jesika t