age of intimacy: my deadly sins, pride

part i / part ii / part iii / behind the scenes

on day two, we drove back through the bumpy road (car sliding and girls screaming and chatting in between) to get to the abandoned castle, we shot in the wet fields of grass and muddy puddles until sundown. 

and of course, a big thank you goes out to the team making all this possible:

chase studios for creating the lovely music for all three videos you will soon see! if you want lovely music like this for your videos, have a peek at their website.

the team at age of intimacy:

designer & creative director: jess green
productions & locations: penelope green

model: coralie bradbery @ chadwicks
photography, video and editing: julia trotti

hair stylist: linh nguyen

makeup artist: jess chapman

many thanks to: 

eurama estate &
town and country antiques
for letting us shoot this campaign in their beautiful locations.

part iii will be blogged tomorrow! x


  1. Great pictures, Julia!
    You always manage it that the person in the pictures still has the own character and the clothes look like you want directly buy them.
    Congrats! :)

  2. The light is so beautiful! Love the animal skull.
    The video is really well done too, love the way she moves, I think my favorite part is about 9seconds in. :}

  3. AMAZING pictures. you take the most stunning photos, seriously!

  4. Great job Julia,
    this is sooo beautiful!

  5. You're such an inspiration, so much love x x

  6. That last one with the sunburst is amazing!

  7. my fav post lately, balloons! amazing photos <3

  8. omg so beautiful and pretty *-----------------*

  9. Anther absolutly gorgeous shoot Julia! Can I ask, what you use to film your shoots and then to edit your footage?


  10. I am in love with these photos♥

  11. This is amazing, your work is so incredible and inspiring!!!!!
    Love your work!

  12. great pictures, julia, i absolutely love your work!! :)