2012 was an amazing year. it is the last day of the year today (only three hours to go until midnight) and i thought nothing would be more fitting if i wrote a blog post about all the wonderful things that have happened in the past twelve months. i've met with more talented and creative people than i can count on two hands, traveled everywhere beautiful, and have grown so much as a person and as a photographer. here is a little list of the things that happened to me: 

i started off the year exploring and traveling melbourne with dan.

i officially make a living only from photography.

i set out to shoot a music festival and ended up shooting two.

i am part of the evoke images team shooting weddings.

i was printed in culture magazine.

i shot for some pretty amazing brands.

i hosted a photography workshop. and taught a few one on one workshops in between.

i went to a photography meetup and made lots of new friends.

i thought i would show you some things i got up to this year in pictures as well, after all i'm better at talking with pictures than i am at writing: 

i spent a lovely day with kiara rose. she showed me around her forest backyard and we took pictures and sat and talked in the long grass.

i became part of evoke images. a wonderful little team i am so proud to be shooting with! matt and i drove past forest fire burnt landscapes and stopped on the side of the road to get some pictures.

his camera bag vs. my tiny bag!

dan bought a ukulele which he records music for my short films with.

i went on lots of long drives. most of them with dan.

abbey love taking a photo of amelia zadro on one of our shoots. and some more behind the scenes:

the top of the world.

lauren was lovely enough to come along with me to two of my shoots to take behind the scenes pictures. i can't wait to share them with you!

lots of test shooting throughout the year. this is the lovely krystal from ava models.

my cat who jumps on my car the second i get home from shooting weddings in the middle of the night.

some self portraits on rainy christmas day.

bright fish swimming on the pavement.

a moment in between with ellie on our oh deer shoot.

sunsets while exploring.

walking down to the river at shoots and being tempted to swim in the muddy water on heatwave days.

visiting my dad.

a couple daydreaming in the park.

shoots on the side of the road (this is emma sabjan) where police drove past and put their sirens on to scare us. they drove away laughing when we all jumped and screamed.

self portraits by the creek.

outtakes from lookbook shoots.

wise words on the side of the street.

exploring the streets of sydney on shoots.

lunchtime with the lenni vintage team.

we made the street turn red.

blue rocks from smoke bombs.

wrapping up the lenni vintage shoot.

drives to the beach a few days ago.

detours through the countryside.

2013 will be different. simple, i guess. this is what i want to do:

travel somewhere outside of australia.

love more and be kind.

it's a short list i admit, but doing these two things will make me the happiest soul in the world. i guess i will see you all on the other side where i've got lots of new blog posts to make of pretty pictures and short films full of colour and wonder.

have a happy new year everyone! xo


  1. this post is just so inspiring. thank you! and have a wonderful new year! :)

  2. So beautiful and inspiring x

  3. Your photographs are so beautiful. I love the subtle vignetting around most of the photographs. You should do a tutorial on your favourite Photoshop tricks someday!

    Have a great 2013!

  4. lovely photos and nice stories. i'm looking forward to all the new photos in the next year!

  5. beautiful, your photographs are really full of life...

  6. Your pictures are always stunning. When I saw the black and white photo I really was like WOW and had to keep on looking at it! Love it!!

    Much Love,

  7. Julia, your work is such a great inspiration for me! For photography and modeling, both! Also a big thanks for your weekly free curves!

    Have an amazing new year!


  8. What an incredible year! Looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2013. Thanks for the free curves also - I love playing around with them!

    Happy new year :)


  9. wow- wonderful pictures! gorgeous!
    happy new year 2013.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  10. wow, you had an amazing year! your life seems beautiful, i wanted a team too :DD

  11. Such a wonderful year of photographs! I'm so glad that I discovered your work this summer; happy new year!

  12. lovely post ! :)
    happy new year, Julia ! :)

  13. happy new year! what an awesome year you had!

  14. so beautiful! :)
    happy new year!

  15. I just love your pictures!

  16. Congrats on making photography a full time profession! It's such an amazing accomplishment.

    Hope 2013 is just as good, if not better ;)

  17. Love this post. I especially love seeing all the behind the scenes from your shoots & your random little shots. It makes me feel almost as if I was a part of it all :) Happy New Year to my favorite artist!

  18. Wow! Your pictures are amazing! At first I scrolled everything through and when I reached the final picture. I decided to go them through slowly again. They are just perfect. I can't wait to see more of your work.


  19. I love you and your blog and your photos. You seem like such a lovely person and your posts always inspire me in some way, whether it's to live better or be more creative or take more pictures or just see things differently. Your photos are incredible and one day, I hope to be able to take photos as well as you. happy new year!

  20. come to Europe! you are an inspiration to aspiring artists like me, and it would be nice to meet you in person!

  21. Julia,
    Your life is like a dream I hope to someday also posses! You've been a huge inspiration this past year and can't wait to see what you get yourself into throughout 2013. It has been a pleasuring discovering and furthermore following (in the non creepy way) you. Love your positive energy and spirit.

    Happy new year xo

  22. i adore you so much ahhhh i don't even know that much of you but i love you you're so inspiring and is such an aspiring photographer and not to mention you achieved so much in a year (which i suck at) you're just, wow. i wish we could meet in real life. and yeah happy new year! xxxxx

  23. have a wonderful year!

    I would totally fly to Australia just to meet you oh my.



  24. Happy New Year! Wish you more interesting, more colorful and more fantastic 2013 than even 2012 was!!!! stay as amazing as you are!

  25. Happy new year, I wish I had your year, seriously. Amazing.

  26. Oh dear, you're so beautiful and talented! 2013 will see more surprises from you! Happy new year, Julia.


  27. wah...
    beautiful picture..
    thanks for share.. ^^

  28. nice blog... i liked it, very liked it

  29. happy new year julia! love your work and your free curve goodies for us!! so many achievements on your 2012, here's to another great year 2013!!

  30. your so amazing and the photos are totally unbelievable! so beautiful!

  31. these landscapes you drive through while exploring are wonderful, I particularly like the fire burnt one which unfortunately looks marvellous.
    waiting and hoping to see lots of your inspiring pictures, I wish you a happy new year.

  32. such a beautiful post julia, i feel like my year was very much like yours! and i really loved your festival pictures! x

  33. Sounds like 2012 was a wonderful and "photographic" year for you :)
    I can't wait to move to Melbourne next month to start my bachelor degree in photography.
    Maybe you should come with me to Norway on our next Christmas Holiday ;) haha :)

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to see what you shoot with your camera in 2013 :)

  34. your art and photos are so beautiful.

  35. beautiful julia!
    congratulations on a wonderful 2012. I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings for you <3

  36. hi julia!

    i've been following your blog/adventures for a little while but i've only just created a blog. i hope to create beautiful/inspiring images like yours, but it's only baby steps at the moment. i would absolutely adore it if you had a little peek over at my blog, if you get the chance/a spare moment :) i hope we can be friends/i would love to attend one of your workshops/meetups !

    zahra x

  37. I love your photography, the photos are just making me happy:) Hope you will have a great year, fingers crossed!

  38. love your work... that's a amazing photos..

  39. so beautiful dan very nice blog ,,

  40. Your photographs are so beautiful. I love the subtle vignetting around most of the photographs. You should do a tutorial on your favourite Photoshop tricks someday!

    Happy a new year!

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  43. I recognised some of these places :) im from wollongong way. I must email you soon to enquire about a shoot.

  44. I like your whole universe


    Coline !