summertime blues

 model: bree (bambi) fry
makeup: jessie mcnaught
stylist: jessie mcnaught
tee shirts: tee pee by jessica brennan

i met a girl on the side of the road, who skipped school and liked to wander the suburbs in the rain. she set fire to her lungs and held onto the summertime blues tightly in her pocket like a secret.

these photos are of the lovely designs of jessica brennan. she is an amazingly talented artist and if you are interested in getting any of her pretty tops, you should have a look here.


black milk: space lotus

 model: madeline rae mason
makeup: megan vaughan
stylist: jessie mcnaught
leggings and black sequin jacket: black milk clothing

short film coming soon... 


free curve friday: humming bees

click here to download your free photoshop curve: humming bees.

instructions on how to install here.

submit your edited pictures here!

i have also added a new photoshop action to digital film, called disposable film. here are some examples of what it looks like:



behind the scenes of pastel bones shoot / markets in the middle of nowhere towns

from my trip to melbourne with dan / shooting for teepee designs

shooting a wedding / at the cold, windy beach on my birthday

polaroids from my day shooting with kiara rose

i use instagram to document daily life and behind the scenes of my photo shoots as they're happening. these are some of my favourite photos so far.

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