competition: lightroom light leaks preset


after spending time going through pages and pages of amazing submissions my competition has sadly come to an end! i really love all the photos everyone submitted, thank you so much for taking part in this! i have ten lucky winners who i will announce in a second, who will be able to use the lightroom 4 light leaks preset before anyone else.

here are the winners + links to their entry, in no particular order:

congratulations!! i will be contacting you all individually over the next week to have your prizes sorted out :)

thank you again for sharing all your beautiful pictures xx


in anticipation of the release of my new lightroom 4 light leaks preset, i thought i would hold a little competition! i've never done this before, so it should be fun!

5 lucky winners will be chosen at random to win my new lightroom 4 light leaks preset. here is a little example of what it looks like:

light leaks contains two different presets, with two varying light leaks to add colour to your image. it hasn't been released yet, so the winners will be able to use these presets before anyone else. see more examples in my latest blog post, aurora.

the winners will also receive a free unreleased photoshop action that i was going to put up on digital film but decided to make an exclusive prize for this competition. but that's not all! on top of that, you get to choose one more product from digital film actions of your choice to be all yours.

now, onto the finer details of the competition!


- a free copy of the lightroom 4 light leaks preset before it is released on digital film actions
- a free unreleased & exclusive photoshop action
- one free copy of anything from digital film actions

how to enter:

- submit your photos edited with the colours from free curve friday or presets and actions from digital film to this blog:
- every entry must include your full name and the name of the action, curve or preset of mine that you used to edit that photo
- like my facebook photography page (so i can match your entry name + notify the winners)


- the competition will run for 7 days, starting today! (saturday, 23rd of february)
- submissions close on saturday, 2nd of march. no submissions count after midnight (EST - sydney, australia time) on this date
- if you don't like my photography facebook page, i will have no way to tag you/be able to notify you that you've won
- if you don't include your name in your entry, i won't be able to match your name up through the likes on my photography page and notify you if you win
- submissions that don't include the name of the curve, action or preset used to edit them will be disqualified
- 5 winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on my facebook photography page + an edited version of this blog post
- you can enter as many times are you like!

how to submit your photos to the blog:

- go to
- click on the 'submit' link on the top menu
- choose your competition entry
- add your name + the name of the colour preset used to edit the photo
- accept the terms of submission
- press submit!

your entry will be published no longer than a day after it was submitted if it follows all the rules!

don't forget to have a look through all the other submissions on the blog. i see this blog as a lovely collection of work from creatives just like you and me! so please try to support other photographers just like you'd like to receive support from them!

good luck! x


  1. I liked your facebook page even though i cannot participate in your contest since i dont have photoshop to even use your curve :(

  2. I would love to participate - but the submit button on the form seems unresponsive for me. So I'm unable to submit anything.

    1. maybe try again i a few hours, it might just be a temporary bug of tumblr or maybe too many people were submitting at once.

  3. I don't have a Facebook account, can I still enter?

    1. yes, just include some sort of way for me to get in contact with you in case you win.

  4. я не совсем поняла как принять участие в конкурсе, хотя все перевела!

  5. Awesome, I've participate some photos!


  6. you are so preeeeetty!!!
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    love greetings
    L & L
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  7. BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely lovely.

  8. what if i didnt win? will my photo going to be posted there? Thanks!

    1. yes! as long as the submission goes by the rules (it has your name + the preset name you used), they will all be published for everyone to see :)


  9. great blog !♥ Maybe we can follow each other ?



  11. Entered! Read the requirements over and over again, hope I didn't miss any steps!

    Mad love your curves, Julia! Rock on x

  12. Amazing photos!!!

    I love you!

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