paul edmonds campaign, london

earlier this year dan and i were flown out to london to photograph and film the paul edmonds 2013 campaign. we woke up while it was still dark out & cold and waited on the side of the street for a taxi, billows of fog blowing from our mouth like smoke as we shivered. we arrived at our location as the sun rose, a beautiful english-country inspired home and from there it was an amazing whirlwind day spent with creatives. i photographed three models for the campaign, who were from all over europe, with talented people fixing and fussing in between pictures. these are some of the photos i took from the campaign.

hair by:

models: terri @ storm
amy @ select
veronika @ select

video: dan @ i make films
makeup: emily jane
stylist: rachel holland
set stylist: casey williams

rain-clouds on the cliffedge

we spent an afternoon being taunted by heavy rain clouds as we shot with pretty swimsuits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. the wind whipped megan's hair around and her skin crawled with goosebumps but she was absolutely amazing regardless of anything. keep an eye on my facebook page for some behind the scenes from today!

model: megan emmett
hair + makeup: lisa fahey @ tussta hair
swimsuits: molly and polly
film: dan @ i make films


bad santa

last week we got up to something a little crazy. it's moments like these, when i step outside my comfort zone, when im scared and unsure about what's going to happen, that i feel most alive. on friday, i skated on an pretty outdoor ice rink with my camera feebly grasped by one hand while laughing and trying not to fall over while taking pictures of madeline. we were surrounded by a sea of people; little kids holding on for dear life to the edge of the ice rink, parents skating slowly behind them trying not to fall over themselves and groups of teenagers out at night while we took pictures. lights were flashing brightly and we shot and skated and sang along to the bad music until all the lights were turned off.

dan and i got home that night and it might seem silly, but i felt like for the first time in a long time i was really breathing. days later and i still felt the same excitement when i thought about this shoot as to when we were shooting it. it makes me giddy to be able to share with you all soon the things that i have planned for the future. a little silliness, a little prettiness and a little bit of shoots on a larger scale.

model: madeline rae mason
makeup: chereine waddell
stylist: jessie mcnaught
film: dan podbierezki @ i make films


free curve friday: moth wings

it's been a long time coming since the last time i've posted a free curve friday! but due to popular demand on my twitter, i felt like today i wanted to post a little something for you all.

click here to download your "moth wings" free photoshop curve.

instructions on how to install your photoshop curves can be found here.

also, please don't forget to submit your edited photos here! i love seeing all the different ways you guys use my free curves and presets from digital film!