strings attached to you

models: michelle & rosie (just above)
clothing designer: mackenzie mode
headpiece designer: jessica beattie
hair/makeup: leana

last week i had a shoot for the wonderful mackenzie mode. i was so ecstatic to get to photograph for them because i think they're clothes and designs are completely amazing - they're just so quirky and fun. a team of eight of us met up friday morning at centennial park, and over the span of eight hours we managed to shoot both lookbook & editorial styled pictures of more than 50 outfits on three models. this blog post is just a tiny sneak peek on what's to come!

check out her website:

she ships these beautiful dresses all over the world!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is great! (And so are your photographs.) The first two long dresses are my favorite. I'll definitely be heading over to her site to check them out.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  2. wow these are amazing jules!

    they seriously look like they belong in an issue of vogue or something like that.

    keep up the good work! :D

  3. im going to blog about this. these images are just too good to be left unblogged. beautiful. i think i will post it tomorrow. im kinda excited about it now haha im lame.

  4. haha, i wondered when we'd get to see this shoot on your blog.. i think the fifth one is my favorite, but they're all amazing! do we get to see more of this shoot? :)

  5. Thanks so much for all your talented work Julia... Mackenzie Mode Loved working with you as well:) xx

  6. thank you so much everyone!! glad you like them :) there are definitely more to come, this is just a tiny little sneak peek on the massive amount of photos we took that day!

    emily: working on sending you something very very soon! proofsheets + some edited photos x

  7. The photographs are beautiful, lighting compositions, everything. I want to see more! I love that you love the game as much as I do, go hard with your photography love!

    Miami, Florida | Nassau, Bahamas

  8. these are magical julia! the colours and the dresses are all so pretty