suzi rose backstage fashion show

and this is the lovely suzi rose with sam

last week i was documenting the happenings backstage at designer suzi rose's "audi FACE" fashion show. here are just some of the snaps.

check out her work:


  1. These are wonderful! What lens do you use? xo

  2. congrats! <3 i'd love to at least once, photograph a fashion show/event. (: so much fun!

  3. These are gorgeous. For some reason I usually like the backstage photos more than the actual photos, haha.

  4. I love these! You're such a great photographer. :)

  5. these r great! im a hair and makeup artist and would love to get the chance to take part in a fashion show like this...

  6. thank you everyone. i kind of enjoy even taking the backstage photos more than the runway ones too!

    and anyone who wants to take part in one should definitely get in touch with some designers or other makeup artists that have done this sort of work to get your foot through the door. it pays unlike photoshoots and is great fun!

  7. Great photos here J! I really like the 4th and 12th photograph. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I agree with you, the backstage is more interesting to me than the runway, it brings an awesome story and it gets really personal.

    Miami, Florida | Nassau, Bahamas

  8. Stefan Giammarco said...

    you did FACE Fashion too!? I did at the end of 2008! its a great show!!
    love the 85mm lens!!

  9. stefan!! :D

    oh awesome, i had no idea you did that before! you still shooting fashion shows and stuff? do you have the 85 too? its my favourite lens ever ever ever.

  10. yea my sisters bf at the time owned the hair salon that did all the hair for the event so i was just there doing photos for him and them somehow ended up doing both backstage and catwalk photos too! awesome fun!!

    still doing fashion... trying to at least! i dont have the 85mm although i love the range its given you... and anything f1.2 i love!! i just bought a medium format film camera so ive fallen in love with film again which means itll be an expensive year for me! :( but it has a 80mm f.2 lens which is basically equivalent to the Canon 50mm f1.2... only Carl Zeiss! its amazing!!

    we must get together and to some work!!! ill keep you posted if i have anything coming up! (most of its just uni/portfolio building work) :)

  11. ooh i just had an idea. did you want to email me and we can come with an idea for a shoot? we'll plan something awesome and both take photos!

    (that film camera sounds amazing by the way, im very jealous!!)

    its by the way :)

  12. Beautiful pictures. You give such a great sense of the mood and scene backstage at a fashion show :)

  13. these are some of the best behind scenes I've seen of a fashion show, love how you crop close ups of little things like the shoes while all the models standing waiting in the wings.

  14. Amazing backstage photos!!!! You make it look so much calmer than it was :)

  15. thanks for the comments everyone!!

    lauren, can i just say you have a fab website?? i completely appreciate someone who will lay out all the information someone needs, very easily to read and navigate :) also loving the photoshoots you've done!