free curve friday: rose thorns one & two

every friday i will post up new free photoshop curves. "rose thorns" is a set of two curves - use them alone and they subtly enhance your colour, one warm, one cold. use them together like in my example, and your images will be washed over with contrast and unvibrant-vibrancy (click the images for a larger example).

click here to download your free "rose thorns one" photoshop curve.

click here to download your free "rose thorns two" photoshop curve.

i will let it be a surprise for you to find out what they look like on their own.

enjoy these until next friday!


  1. kind of amazing what just a little bit of editing can do to your pictures, haha. thanks for sharing, lovely curves :)

  2. What version of photoshop must I have to use these?? I can't seem to use them with photoshop7 /:
    But then again, I'm a photoshop rookie.
    They're absolutely beautiful, along with all your work! Keep it up

  3. can't wait for the next curves! THANK YOU FOR SHARING. :)

  4. Thank You. Very great Curves. I love it. can't wait too, for the next curves!

  5. thank you so much! you are amazing in creating the pictures that u have AND in sharing your secrets with others!

  6. great curves! Love all the photos u took and the editing is just amazing :)