no no no

i have a face sometimes.

and if you write i won't read it

cos i have feelings to.

it's not okay when you disappear, most of the time.


the world is not enough

a galaxy of stars down your neck. the back
of a lover.

a sharp breath stabs the back of your throat,
dark night, empty road.

sometimes the world is not enough for your
theories and questions of where the air sleeps
when its the night's turn to run around.

feather collector

model: connie
mua: tash


don't tell me stories

today there is nothing. just silence and rain and looking out


sometimes i think i can see right through myself

model: bella
mua: sarah hart

(im obsessing over nine inch nails at the moment)

you want to chase

chase the sun, lose
your way.

find yourself in a sinking boat instead. the
way your mother tells you to brush your
teeth before you sleep reminds you of the
way your cat curls up and lays on the

windowsill all day long. giving up has nothing
to do with letting go. it is living with a lion or
turning into the shore of the ocean and someone

is draining it out all day long. fill a cup with
salt water, tip out a dirty window and throw
your eyelashes away.


we were all caught on a carnival ride

photos from here on out are taken with my lovely lovely canon 5d mark ii camera. i've taken so many photos while i was on holidays, i'll upload them soon!

*time to start blogging again*

i hope you all haven't forgotten about me!